Sell Your Land or garden

If you've always dreamed of building your own home or simply wish sell your land and pocket the profit,
Friendly Homes can help.

We specialise in building high quality family homes on infill sites; such as unwanted land, side/back gardens or garage blocks; enabling property owners like yourself to benefit from life-changing sums of money.

    Often, the costs and expertise required to make these opportunities possible is too significant for home or land owners to bear, particularly when it comes to obtaining the right planning permissions.

Our unique service means that all costs, risks and time spent in relation to applying for and gaining planning permission is borne entirely by us. You will not have to spend a penny.

We take care of everything from assessing your plot, getting it valued and liaising with local authorities, to instructing architects and solicitors



Create a beautiful new home for yourself or sell your land and pocket the profit.
Here's how it works...

1. Initial assessment of the plot

Friendly Homes will assess the potential of your plot for gaining planning permission by making the relevant enquiries with local planning authorities and other professionals we work alongside daily. The conclusion of our assessment will either be 'likely', or 'unlikely' that the piece of land or garden is to be granted permission. At this stage, we will also confirm the number of dwellings your plot has the potential to cater for.


2. Providing an offer and signing of the option agreement

Once we have made our assessment, we will then provide you (the land-owner) with an offer for purchasing either the whole plot or a partial area of it. The extent of the area to be purchased is discussed with you prior to making the offer and takes into account your personal preferences and future plans in relation to the site.

Once we have agreed a figure, we instruct solicitors to draw up a tailored option agreement. This agreement allows us to take control of gaining planning permission and begin procedures.


3. Putting our team in place

Whilst the documents are being drawn up, we put together a team of professionals suitable for the application we wish to submit. We have spent a long time seeking out the most reliable and knowledgeable professionals to partner with and only work with those we consider to be the best in the industry.


4. Applying for Planning Permission

There are many different routes you can take when applying for planning permission, with the end goal being to obtain full planning permission. This route is determined not only by the size of your plot but by its assumed difficulty and can include pre-applications, meetings on site with the local planning officer and outline planning as well as full planning applications.

Once we have carefully chosen the right design and layout of the plot, using the experience of our team, we assess the best route to take. We then work hard to collect together all supporting information from local or previous applications, council policies and land supply plans, whilst also gathering reports and surveys from specialist companies we believe will support the application throughout the process.


5. completion & Payment

Once we have achieved full planning permission, we complete on the option agreement, which normally takes a few short weeks, and pay you the agreed sum in full.

Some land and home owners choose to take more of an active role and ‘remain in’ on the deal - we are more than happy to discuss all of these options with you.

There are no guarantees when it comes to planning, but at Friendly Homes, we have the right experience and expertise to give your property the best chance to succeed. And remember, all costs and risks associated with obtaining planning permission are borne by ourselves, so in the event that permission is not granted, you won't have spent a penny.